Commas: An Irreverent Primer

What is a grammar dragon? 

What happens to unicorns when you misuse FANBOYS?

This irreverent guide for using our most common punctuation mark will explain. 


This primer doesn't cover every single use of commas--it's only sixty pages, for heaven's sake! But it does explain the comma errors English professors most often marked wrong on their students’ papers. All that red ink stung. Hence, this book.  


Oh, and the fairies, dragons, and trolls? Well, why not fairies, dragons, and trolls? Examples should be memorable (or at least mythical).


Some comma topics included are:


Commas and Independent Clauses

Commas after Introductory Phrases

Commas and Nonrestrictive Clauses

Commas and Quotes

Commas and Coordinate Adjectives


So, don’t be a comma idiot. Either buy a grammar dragon or read this book. I promise the book won’t eat you. No guarantees on that dragon.


Commas explained by a pair of fairy-obsessed grammarians

(Kate Ristau and Maren Anderson)

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