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After her divorce, Meg Taylor buys an alpaca ranch to finally do something on her own. Almost as soon as she arrives, she meets not one, but two handsome (and baffling) men. She thinks choosing between the shy veterinarian and her charming securities co-worker is her biggest problem until life and death on the ranch make her re-evaluate more than her love life. Her new life is nothing like her old one, that’s for sure.

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TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In Fuzzy Logic by Maren Anderson, Megan Taylor is recently divorced from her cheating scum of a husband. She finds her life and home in California too painful, after finding her husband in the shower with the housekeeper, and moves to an alpaca ranch in Oregon. No sooner does she arrive than she has not one but two gorgeous men fighting over her. My kind of love triangle. Meg knows that she can only have one, as she doesn’t want to hurt anyone as she has been hurt, but which one to choose? She’s afraid to commit to either, in case she picks the wrong one.

The story has a strong plot, with several subplots and a spicy romance, that heats up the pages. It also has some spine-tingling tension that has nothing to do with sex. I’m giving the book 4.5 Stars.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: Fuzzy Logic by Maren Anderson is a cute clever romantic suspense. Our heroine, Megan Taylor, longs for the simple quiet life after her divorce from her husband, who she found taking a shower with their college-age housekeeper. And he wasn’t helping her clean the walls, either. So Megan quits her job as a securities advisor in the Bay Area in California and buys an alpaca ranch in Oregon. Now I’ve never seen an alpaca, but Anderson makes them sound adorable. The two men who vie for Megan’s attention are also adorable—if you can call hunks adorable. Evan is Megan’s co-worker at her new securities job. He’s charming, handsome, confident, and pursues Megan aggressively. Cody, on the hand, is a shy veterinarian, also a hunk, but backs away when he thinks she wants Evan. But Megan doesn’t know what she wants and she’s running out of time to find out.

Anderson has crafted an exciting and heartwarming tale that immerses one in the quiet country life of rural Oregon, which turns out not to be so quiet after all. A great read. I’m giving Fuzzy Logic a solid 4.5 Stars.

Press Release for Fuzzy Logic

A New Novel about Love on an Alpaca Farm

For Immediate Release

Sunday, November 8, 2015: Maren Anderson’s novel Fuzzy Logic (to be released on December 5, 2015) combines her love of romance with her love of alpacas. In fact, the action of the novel takes place on an alpaca ranch very like Anderson’s own Oregon farm, Evergreen Terrace Farms. “We raise alpacas for breeding stock and for their fleece,” says Anderson. “We also have chickens, donkeys, and cats and a dog. It’s a regular menagerie out here.”

Alpacas are smaller cousins to llamas and are raised primarily for their super soft, warm fleece. Anderson’s farm sells the fleece and yarn. They also have alpaca breeding stock and pet alpacas for sale.

Like the main character of her book, Anderson and her husband moved to Monmouth, Oregon, from the city and began alpaca ranching in 2004. They fell in love with alpacas when they visited a local alpaca show.  “Alpacas look as if they are a mix of a Tribble and a giraffe,” Anderson says. “And they hum like Zen monks.”

One day when she was looking for a topic for a new book, Anderson realized that she had read many romance novels set on horse ranches, but none with alpacas. “I can’t claim I had an original idea,” she says. “But a romance set on an alpaca ranch hadn’t been done as far as I could tell. So I did it.”

The first draft of Fuzzy Logic took only a month to write, though the editing process took much longer. Anderson says she often writes the first draft of each of her novels in a single month, a habit she developed when participating in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, which takes place each November online at www.nanowrimo.org. “I love writing fast drafts. They are so freeing,” she says. Anderson often teaches Novel in a Month classes at libraries and writers’ groups, and she has considered putting together an online version of the class.

Anderson’s other recent published work includes poetry in The Timberline Review, and production of her adaptation for kids of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in July 2015.

Fuzzy Logic will be available on December 5, 2015, as a paperback and ebook on Amazon.com and other booksellers. Contact Maren Anderson by visiting her website at www.marens.com.


She thinks moving to a ranch will lead to the simple life she craves, but the countryside has other ideas…

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