Yearly Update!

This year I’ve adapted Comedy of Errors for Apple Box Children’s Theater, shopped a book, wrote a proposal for a non-fiction book about witches and feminisim, and basically been so busy I’ve been meeting myself coming and going.

Thoughts on stuff I’m reading.

I have really enjoyed The Fourth Wing and Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros, partly because I love a salty dragon, partly because I like a salty narrator who needs her knees wrapped and kicks ass anyway, and partly because I like salty sex scenes. These books are super inclusive in a way that doesn’t feel forced, and also does not call attention to itself.

This has indirectly led me to discover Tessa Bailey’s books, which are romances featuring straight white people, one of whom is usually an inarticulate, but passionate, man and the other a achingly cute, non-nonesense woman…and some seriously salty sex scenes.

All these books were predicated by Casey McQuiston’s Red, White, and Royal Blue, which featured a lovely gay love story.

Oh, and I’ve been reading a ton of Terry Pratchett books because I got all of them with a Humble Bundle. This makes me very happy.

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