Liz didn’t mean to start a sex strike…but she’ll use it to end a war and win an election.

Liz Stratton is a talk show host who runs for president of the United States on the platform of ending a never-ending war. However, during a debate, she is patronized by another (male) candidate, and she goes off-script, calling for a sex strike to end the war. This is awkward because she just found the love of her life.

Liz A. Stratton is running for President of the United States to end the unpopular war in Mesopotamianstan.

Everything goes as planned until the first debate when Liz’s competitors patronize her. She loses her temper and declares that if every woman in America withheld sex, the war would be over in weeks.

So women all over the country actually “close the store.”

Now the fun starts.

5 stars: Sassy and sometimes raunchy women take charge of a male-driven political scene, with a bit of romance thrown in to keep things interesting.

5 Stars: There so many smiles and bursts of laughter during this book, and two instances where I cried with joy. I loved this book so much!

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