Another yearly post about how I am writing, but not keeping my website current. :) Here are some highlights for you.

First, I have an agent! Elisa Saphier from the MacGregor & Luedeke Literary agency is someone I knew from the beforetimes when she owned a bookstore. We are preparing to shop a new book to editors, so stay tuned for updates!

I’m relaunching my monthly-ish newsletter, Story Beasty. I will be writing more about what I’m reading, but I’m including things that I am teaching to my college students. In the first three months of this year, you’ll get my thoughts on the dystopian stories like 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale. You can sign up on my About>Biography page here.

Want a sample? Here’s the last newsletter I sent.

And here is my yearly reminder to you that I write things you can buy and have for your very own. Like Sparks, the book about the monster under Rosie’s horse barn that disrupts her love life. Order here

I also have a serialized novel in Kindle Vella. I finally have time to finish it. I promise not to abandon it (again). The Dragons of Mary’s Peak is a book that is part fantasy, part small-town thriller. The mystery is that something is killing livestock and dogs in rural Oregon and leaving a trail of poisonous scales in its wake. It’s Jaws meets E.T. meets Contagion, but with dragons!

The first three episodes of any Vella are FREE, so you can check out my book without any risk. New episodes posted once a week-ish.

You want to watch plays I wrote last year? Okay.

St. George and the Dragon

July 2022 Watch it here.

My kid made the poster. Isn’t it cool?

Dragon Eye Poster by Colleen Anderson

In “St. George and the Dragon,” the Red Knight, who has no name and was raised by the fairies, goes on an epic (and funny) adventure with Princess Una and her short friend Big Al. They encounter swordplay, magic, monsters, and yes, a three-headed dragon to fight at the end. This play is based on Spenser’s Faerie Queene.

Icons R Us

December 2021 and February 2022

Watch it here.

alt text

Icons R Us is a 10 minute play devised, written, and performed in 3 days for the Zoom INstant play festival through PDX playwrights in December 2021.

Carl has a problem. His Mary and Jesus religious icon is, well, talking, so he makes a video call to the Icons R Us customer service line. They are exactly as helpful as you think they will be.

I also edited issue No. 10 of the Timberline Review, became the Emerita Editor of the Timberline Review, and edited another issue of the undergraduate research journal PURE Insights.

It’s good for me to write all these things down for you because it reminds me that I do write a lot. I hope you have a productive, happy year, reader.